what does it mean?

  • hi,
    after uploading a photo, at manage page a messege is being displayed as follows;-

    "failed to copy /var/www/html/te-vbdev/trekearth/rss/gallery/state/india/uttarakhand-pv.xml..."

    i'm not able to make it out,is it a technical problem or any fault in my uploading process.
    plz help me out of this.
  • Hi mrichat,

    I have warned you before to NOT post on general Forum when it's about a technical matter. The Forum Feedback & Support has been specially created to handle such kind of problems...

    Please go to the "Feedback & Support" and write down your complain there!

    PS: I have now manually move your thread but next time, if you continue to post on General Forum it will be simply deleted!