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Old 07-14-2006, 04:24 PM
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Default Re: France Vs Italy World cup Final 2006

I will miss you, in your TE dimension.

In fact, I meant that I already do.
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Old 07-15-2006, 02:22 AM
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Default Re: France Vs Italy World cup Final 2006

Nice discussion, sorry not to read it all, but heii i've got a life beside TE... shouldn't you guys and girls (ooopss no girls in this thread) be working???? how do you want to get as rich as zizou??? :D

First of all, i'm Portuguese, and there it goes my vision of the World Cup:

Italy: Congrats to the brand new WChampions, quite a surprise for mem i wouldn't bet a penny on this team, but they did it, they deserved it!

France: Another surprise to me, after winning everything, France collapsed in the last 8 years. I thought they would no get thru the first poll. But their team got better as time passed and they were a fair runner-up. To bad for Portugal, we have bad luck agains France... :)))

Germany: Well ... and all merit goes to the coach... who would believe Germany could present such a great football. I believe Germany got their magic back ... the world need the german team at it's best...

Portugal: The confirmation of team in ascension, after beeing 2ļ in the European championiship, Portugal was consistent enough to get in top 4 in front of major teams... Congrats to us, we should be proud of this result...

Brazil: Decepcion... nothing more to say

Zizou: in my humble opinion he was indeed one of the best players of the tournment, but, he could not have won the trophy for best player. Just because of the sent-off...

Best-youth-player: Yep, i agree with the choise, the german kid was a good surprise. Unfornutatly i think Cristano must get more adult in his game... i didn't like much his exibitions

Best Keeper: divided... i think Portuguese Ricardo could have won... but maybe that last game against German blew everything. Buffon is a good trophy holder

That's all folks
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Old 07-15-2006, 03:10 AM
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Default Re: Another great achievement for the press!!!

I must say your opinions have been well balanced and certainly not extreme, Paolo. In the case of Materazzi, it seems that he went a bit beyond a "" type of conversation repeatedly, against Zidane, which is why we read, from you I think, but someone italian anyway, that that type of insult could most surely come from him rather than being expected from eveybody on the team.

I am starting to see Zidane's gesture as something he assumes totally as an individual, even if his reputation as a player suffers from it. In a way, we can keep our opinion about "should not have done it", and still respect the individual refusing to humiliate himself by crawling apologetically for the media. Francis mentionned Japan, but this is a country where the collective, the proper face, is coded and always over-rides the individual. Me too, living in the USA, I first went for the PC thing. But i actually find Zidane's individual manner, a man first, a symbol after, not a bad thing in a world where there seems to be only one way to act, and it's dictated not by honor, but by peer and media pressure to conform.

Saying that, I think he could really have the last word, and make his point by refusing to accept the award. For sure, Cantona would have done just that, refuse to show up at the FIFA interview plus a few expletives for the "donneurs de lessons".
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Old 07-18-2006, 01:20 AM
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Default Re: France Vs Italy World cup Final 2006

Errm I'm a bit late here, but I just got back from Rome. I saw THE world Cup in the Circo Massimo with 1000's of happy and proud people. NOT all of which were Italian.... (I guess 99.8% were Italian)

Just wanted to add here that Zisou is a great and entertaining player, was always a bit of a hot head. My parents taught me that 'sticks and stones might break my bones, but words will never hurt me' and that I need not react to violence in such cases. A simplicitic view maybe.

But no one can take the victory away from us, Cannavaro had the most fantastic tournament of his career (perhaps a candiate for player of the tournament, but oh no he is just a defender) Grosso first world cup young little experience at this level and has shown to be almost of Brazilan origin down the wing, and ofcourse what about Gennaro Gattuso? I persoanlly don't like him, but this man sweat bullets for Italy in every single game.

I think Italy won, beacuse they started to play like a team, not 11 brilliant indivuals but together, but more important they believed in themselves.

Now stop about football, and let get back to PHOTOGRAPHY, well at least till the European cup !!! : )

Buona sera a tutti.
Simone (Campione del Mondo 4 volte)
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Old 12-26-2006, 06:14 PM
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Default believe it or not...

I could finally read the entire thread!!!

I donīt know accurately how many days after it was first posted,

I wonder if some have changed their minds after this time,
Anyway, it was quite interesting,

I still believe Paraguay futbol team could defeat the champion easily... :D

hugs for everyone!

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