To PaulVDV: Koman Reservoir

  • Hi Paul

    One day is always better than no days at all like Gert, and enough to see the reservoir. If you are really keen there is a lot of hiking in the area. A trip advisor review I'd agree with below:

    "Getting one of the ferries or tours to see the lake can be frustrating, unfortunately, but the landscape is amazing and worth every moment of hassle or disappointment the lack of organisation otherwise might cause. A true highlight of Albania."

    I booked through my guesthouse and the bus arrived at 8 am and the boat was there at the dam wall to meet and greet. It went smoothly. But other people who booked independently 2 months in advance have complained on trip advisor that nobody showed up to collect them and they did not get a refund. 11 positive reviews and 6 poor reviews o T.A., mostly by people who tried to organise a tour independently. Best to go with a small group booked through a local guesthouse with direct contacts to the boat tour owners. One person complained there was no beach, just a pier to swim from. As if an inland reservoir in the mountains would have a sandy beach! They also complained about the food at lunch. Sure it wasn't 5 star hotel standard but was edible. Meat patties and salad from memory. And soft drinks. I went on the Mario Molla boat booked from the Hotel Tradita. It was okay and had a nice courtyard round the back which served good meals.

    You can change English to Dutch or French translation within the website at right if you like. Hope that helps and that Covid hasn't ruined tourism in Albania, which was just taking off when I was there.
  • Thanks for all the info, Chris.

    It sounds interesting.

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