To abmdsudi: Dear Abmdsudi

  • Dear Abmdsudi Good morning from here

    So sorry about it but it was not deleted by my website it might be not suitable for TE...

    Next time specially for you and your family I will post another similar image you might prefer more than previous one and also, I did as always, liked very much your comment and encouragement thanks again take care till next time Marine-)
  • one eye
    Thks for the explanation, now I understand it's not your fault anyway, but really dont understand what's the reasons. Take it easy...
    Re regards
  • Sorry i forgot to reply your second Q
    The cat was on the garden wall for long time sitting at the same position and i use Sigma 105mm f2.8 Macro EX DG by the way the cat was very friendly and he or she sate mobile thanks again till next time Marine:-)