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Great InasiaJones 2006-08-05 0:58

Hello Jose,

Please, don’t make fun of our harsh weather. We have to be very strong to go through tropical weather during summers, with heavy humidity, unbearable heat and destructive thunderstorms and then, in December, the thermometer plunge 25 degrees below 0, with ice storms, snow up to 8 feet and shoveling every morning before getting to work.

We live under the same conditions of Singapour and Alaska, mixed together... This is not something you should get amused by, Jose...

Aaaahhh! If I would be brazilian, I would laugh hard too, because our weather is a big joke! Is there another country in the world who have to get two different wardrobes, one for bathing suits, bermudas and t-shirts, then another one for boots, hats, mits, wool turtleneck and long underwears!!! We have to be a little bit crazy living in such no-nonsense conditions! Even our cars have to wear two different types of tires!

Your photo, dear Jose, is a good representation of our necessary covering, in order to survive cold climate. Dressing up before getting out is a perpetual agony. So be aware that I’m jealous of Brazil, not only for girls bikinis and football team, but for your more regular weather. Keep on laughing! :-D)

Have a nice week-end!


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Default To inasiajones: Funny weather !

Hi André,
I couldn't resist to answer back to your critic about our funny weather conditions. Maybe, we do have to be crazy to live in those extreme conditions (-30 to +30) but I think it's part of our identity and we are lucky because the experiences we are living each year are just more imprevisible, different and not regular !! I affirm we are living in a wonderful country where the weather make lots of charms. We have to enjoy every simple moment in each season (bathing, ski, color in the autum, the spring blossom, a beer on the balcony, snowshoes through evergreen with lots of snow, firecamp, etc...). It is the only way to appreciate Québec's weather. People should stop complaining around and enjoy a little more. However, I agree it's still a crazy weather !!!

Best regards
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Default Re: To inasiajones: Funny weather !

Hello Julie!
You are right! Each people should find the advantages of their places and enjoy it. Of course that tourists could feel a little bit more difficult to live in such conditions, specially when experiencing extreme situations like your winter. But, I am sure that everybody can have fun skiing, or even drinking some wine in front of a fireplace!
I don´t have any experience in your winter, but I loved your autumn twice, in Québec and also Vancouver, enjoying that wonderful colours in both places.
Canada is a country where I would love to live, for its beauty and specially for its nice people.
But I know that could be hard to live from -30 to +30, specially for the lower temperatures, of course, because 30 up is just a peace of cake!
Crazy or not, for me the cold is something very Québécoise, don´t you agree?
My best wishes to you!
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