• I wanted to create a theme, including photographs from several memebers. How you do start the Theme thread? Do I need to contact the members whose images I use?
    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Ciao Simone,
    From your Intro page, click on the <B>Organize</B> option. from there you have a <B>My themes</B> option where you'll find a button called <B>Create new theme</B>. Just create a new group theme with the appropriate information.
    Once the theme is create you, or anyone else can add a photo to the theme by clicking on the Add to Theme option (on the left when viewing a photo).
    Hope this answers your question.
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    Ahhh thanks Brigitte that certainly makes sense now.
    Is there a way to know if the Theme already exists?
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    Bonjour Simone,

    You can "act" just like you would add a picture to a theme and click on "Add to theme", on the left of any photo, than you can see the HUGE list of themes in alfabetic order...

    Amicalement - Viviane
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    Ciao Tutti

    Thanks for your help, I have now created a Theme called
    If you have a moment please take a look.