To Angshu: Becoming a Buddhist monk

  • Dear Angshu

    March 2011, then we will be in Bangkok as well because end of March is the Bangkok International Motor Show. If you like we can meet. Please mail to

    [email protected]

    A number of Wats in Bangkok have become very touristy, however there are three you most probably have to visit nevertheless because of their significance:

    - Wat Phra Keow, that is the king's Wat, it is not a monastery but a place of worship, the monks there live in the nearby Wat Mahathat, which is worth visiting as well The latter also is a Buddhist monk university.

    - Wat Pho, there are plenty of Chinese origin artefacts and the famous reclining Buddha.

    - Wat Arun, as the name says you have to be there for sunset. It is famous for the Chinese painted plates.

    However there are some other Wats I would recommend because they are special and not touristy at all. These Wats are really fun to explore, one doubles as a vintage car workshop giving work to unemployed youngsters which otherwise would be glue sniffer or else, an other one is a completely own world similar to Disney world, but more along the Buddhist way, another one is taking care of unclaimed bodies to give them a decent funeral ... There is a lot more, just tell me, how long you will be in Bangkok and what you like to see ..

    Warm regards