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Default To macjake: You asked for it

Hi Craig,
Ha, you asked for it, so how could I refuse.
The tilt, you know I think it is an optical illusion brought about by the shoreline in front of the city curving towards camera. I tried quite a few different angles on the frame but this one seemed to have the buildings vertical. I checked it in Photoshop with a guide line and the buildings are vertical.
I have another version, well, three other versions actually, with varying degrees of tilt back to the right, none of them look right either. I think it is one of those situations where you say "bugger it" I'll go with this one.

I did the processing for this shot in Lightroom and exported the jpeg and full res TIFF files straight from there. I've done quite a lot of work using the selective brush to get the clouds looking the way they do. I also used the selective brush to give the city buildings a bit of a boost in sharpness.

I was going to come back that evening to try a "blue hour" capture but as I said in the note, it rained. With the deadline for the printers the way it was I didn't have another opportunity to get the shot.

The owner has invited us there for New Years Eve so maybe then I can give it another go.

Anyway thank you for the critique, always good to hear from you.

Best wishes
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