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Default Settings, no notifications

Originally Posted by anshulyadav1206 View Post
Some of you who choose instant notification email or daily email or weekly email but are still not getting notification because you are not subscribed to that thread. If you start new thread or reply to existing thread after doing these settings you get subscribed automatically to those threads (...)
Dear administrators,
Please, let me put this clear.
First, which thread are you talking about? Any thread, in these non-photo forums, I suppose.
Second, I did such settings, I get some notificiations from this and General forum threads, but I still have the original problem: before this change, I used to receive email notifications with the title "Your TrekEarth Daily Critique Replies Alert", when somebody replied to my critiques. And I used to receive also emails with the title "TrekEarth Forum Alert", when there were replies in discussions on photo critiques. Of course you know what I mean.
Now, I get none of those email notifications.
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