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Default Re: Whistler and Vancouver

Having lived & worked within the downtown eastside of Vancouver I would give this advice. Travel there as if you are traveling in any developing country of the world. The issues of poverty are extreme, people are de-sprited. Day time is best, night time is the hardest. If anyone says,"Pss, are you lookin" pass on by they want to offer you drugs and guess who else are lookin, the police. This goes for anywhere in the city.
I know the city best by night and if in company it's a wonderful time to walk and photo opts are brillant. Spanish Banks is also a wonderful area for shots and just a bus ride away. Vancouver is a walking city and wonderful
Vancouver is full of cultural enclaves, Fraser & 49th, Commercial Drive, Davie Str. Best camera stores have been mentioned.
Have fun, cheers
Jeannie of momshu
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