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Default To Elduque: Translation of photographer's note for you

I read your request for English translation of the photographer's note.
I am not good in either English or pinyin, but I am posting here my humble try. Please forgive me because I know this will contain unfit terms. I just try to help with a quick "explanation"... Sincerely.


During his first trip to Kunming to get in touch with the American between 1942-1945, Ho Chi Minh — under arrangement of Gen. Zhang Fakui of the Chiang Kai-Shek’s government — has got to know some American officers on duty in Allied forces to Vietnam…

At the end of 1944, Viet Minh cadres rescued a U.S. pilot, Lieutenant William Shaw, after he parachuted into the mountains near the provincial town of Cao Bằng. The pilot has been sent to Ho Chi Minh at his Pac Bo command post. This is the period when protection and feeding an American pilot amidst the virgin Việt Bắc was not as simple while the French and the Japs frequently and strictly the Sino-Vietnamese border. However, aware of this a good condition to angle for American cooperation, Ho has personally walked Shaw through the Japanese lines and across the border into China and delivered him to Commanding General of the 14th Air Forces Wings in Kunming.

After Japan took control of French Indochina (March 09, 1945), all American intelligence information for Indochina has been interrupted, agents have been caught, network withdrawn to reconnoiter, American Headquarters in China must allow OSS to employ Vietnamese.

On March 17, 1945, Ho met Charles Fenn at the Indochina Café in Kunming to discuss about the Viet Minh and Allied forces cooperation.

On April 27, prior to departure from China, Ho Chi Minh met with the U.S. operative, Major Patti, in a little village near Tĩnh Tây [and they agreed on joint anti-Japanese actions. The U.S. dropped supplies behind the lines to Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh helped Americans downed behind Japanese lines].
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