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Default Impossibility to enter Treakearth

No it's not fixed!!!

It was several weeks if not months that I could not enter TE for exactly the same problem reported by Mkamionka, and I tried with both my desktop and laptop. Also another friend of mine had the same problem. I's really annoying and I could not understand how the site could work in these conditions.

To-day: miracle! for a split of a second I could see the pop up window (the dark one) behind the bigger popup window asking to select the cookies and I could click on the OK bottom there. After that I could save my cookies preferences and so enter the site!

So the problem is that unless you first click "OK" in the first dark popup window, the second one does not work. BUT the second one usually covers and hides entirely the first popup window so it's impossible to complete the requested selection.

So strange that no other people reported this problem.
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