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Default To erli: The way to Tibet

The following is the answer for your question:
1. which route has the best scenery?
I choose two route. The first is the North Chuan Zang Xian(there are two way from Sichuan Province to Tibet, one is north route another is south route. The north route is longer and better); Xian Zang Xian(from Xinjiang Province to Tibet. These two route have best sceneery.

2. how long does each route take?
It depends on which route you take and when you go there, choose right time to go to Tibet is very important. If you tak North Chuan Zang Xian, from Chengdu(capital city of Sichuan Province) to Lhasa(capital city of Tibet), it need about 10-15 days. If you go there with Xin Zang Xian, it takes you about 30-40days from Wulumuqi(capital city of Xin Jiang Province) to Lhasa, but you can start from Kashi(the city of Xinjiang which is very close to Tibet and Pakistan), 20days.

3-Can one take public bus into tibet on all these different route?
All the different route has public bus to Tibet, capital city of Sichuan Province, Yunan Province and Xinjiang Province also have direct long-distance bus to Tibet, but they will not stop on the way to Lhasa. For the traveller, we can go to Tiber one stop by one stop, every city has bus station, you can buy the ticket from one city to another, so that you can stay wherever you want.
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