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Default The problem is *Critique* Replies Alert

Originally Posted by anshulyadav1206 View Post
Hey did you followed all the steps for setting notification. Select Instant messaging option and don't forget to subscribe to the thread. As you wont be getting notification till you are unsubscribed...
Dear Anshul,
The problem is not the threads.
I'm afraid I didn't make me understood. (My mother language is Portuguese, not English.) Let me try again, like Docarmo did, in other words:
1. I did all the steps for setting notification.
2. I subscribe the threads of this and other forums.
3. I get notifications of those threads.
4. I do not get notifications when somebody reply to my critiques. That happened before, by emails with the subject / title "Your TrekEarth Daily Critique Replies Alert". No such email notification now. That's why this discussion subject is "Critique Replies Alert", since 01-28-2010.
Is this new situation a bug or a new feature?
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