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Exclamation 2 systems

I think I understand what Francisco (xuaxo) is saying. It seems that there is a problem in alerts for the replies to critiques (in the section of pictures). This one of the forum is working well. I'm not receiving alerts for replies to my CRITIQUES TO PHOTOS.
IMPORTANT, please: when we write a CRITIQUE TO A PHOTO, there is no option to subscribe. Only when we reply to a critique or to a reply... at this moment, the system of subscribing starts working (for this one who subscribes, not for the one who wrote the critique)... we enter in the forum system only when we reply. It doesn't work for the first action.
Of course, we select Instant messaging option and we subscribe to the thread, WHEN THERE IS THIS OPTION, which is not the case when we WRiTE A CRITIQUE TO A PHOTO.

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