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Default To pitai: Not that hard

Hi Gabriel.
The phenomena of temperature inversion usually comes in the moments of late autumn and winter when clouds get lower and lower because of the lack of winds and because colder air goes down and traps the clouds. All you have to do is to go higher in some mountain. Cloud tops height varies from 400 to 2000m and it changes with each day. This weather is quite stable and it last until there comes a new front, new wind to blow off the mountains. Today is the very same day. I am at 380m above sea level right now and it snows, while at the place where this photo is taken, it's sunny. In between are clouds. The photo was taken at 13:00 or around noon because of the Winter Standard time, but the sun is so low in mod November that you can see more definition and more relief. I hope this satisfies your answer.

Take care, Aleks
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