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Default To macjake: TE Meetings.....

Hi Craig,

Thank you for your kind remarks about this one!

To answer your first question - it really depends on the company - but, yes, usually a fair bit of ale is consumed in the evenings as well as some good grub and there's lots of fine conversation too. All of the people I've met are from totally different backgrounds which makes conversation interesting though, of course, they all have photography as their one common interest.

Now, about the people in the photograph. First of all, I haven't a clue who the two people on the grass are: they are just visitors. Only the three on the right were part of our group and that's Bev (Royaldevon) in the light mauve jacket and hood with her back to the camera, Len, her husband (and not a TE member) on the right - and on the left facing Len is Kevin (holding the bags) who is the husband of Jasmine (Tigerlily).

Yes, I agree about the light. Contrary to what one might naturally think, dull weather often seems to bring out colours more vibrantly than does bright sunshine, doesn't it?


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