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Default To sayzey: Street Parade 2005 (#3)

Mark thank you too for being honest and daring to say your opinion
I’m glad you don’t think this is disgusting and im glad you took the time to write what you wrote.

I really in doubt with this web site sometimes.
I’m posting a series (now 7 days in a row) and with each picture i have put underneath the note the following.

“I hope you like the result (and if there are any comments, idée or even dislikes let me know, it’s all about learning and sharing)”

The only thing I have learn from this picture is that it was shocking and not a lot of people mentioned the technical aspect of this picture, what if it was a guy shooting drugs in his veins, or a person sniffing heroine or a stubbing another ?

Would they all say wow, disgusting ,,,,Or just click and go,

I think people have an idée that this website is all about the sunrise and the sunsets.
The theme of trekearth is

“learning more about the world through photography”

I’m with this web site for a while and I’ve been uploading pictures regularly. There been all kind of pictures in my portfolio some abstract some nature but mostly people (my favorites).
In general, i think i improving and have a touch for it, like a lot of people I thing that sometimes a picture is good and sometime its not good.

I want to learn when it is not good, but the problem here is that when it is not shiny yellow or blue or attracts the attention people will not stop by.

The more I talk about this picture the more I realize that this website represent the community we all live in. And it looks like we are all followers.

In this web site I have not found out WHY some people score a 80 points for a shot that can be taken by a child with out even trying, some manipulate a shot that much that its even against the TOS and still get a way with a lot of points.

I think a lot of people are fed up with this and just uploading what is popular to score some points or to get recognition.

It would be much nicer if you could get a point for trying to do a certain thing like capturing two people kissing (men,women,or both) and not because it a NO NO because somebody think so.

I hope a lot of people will read this and will join and start to give comments like comment/ critics should be,

When you want to grow you have to make mistakes too
And last think Mark, what is better ?

To be the worst of the best or the best of the worst ?

I would choose the worst of the best

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