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Default To fplohoff: ramallah

hey frank!

i just like going to places i hear about a lot in the media, to see for myself what impression i get.

safety isn't really an issue in the west bank as life is (or was, at this point) quiet and fairly normal, apart of course from the obvious fact that the area is under occupation. there is a sense of frustration and sometimes anger, but most of all i experienced kindness, curiosity and a lot of humor. i enjoyed this trip more than most.

middle east generally feels safe to be in, and as a woman (and a blond one, too), when traveling alone, it's my preferred destination. no one bothered me there, ever.

anyway, thank you for commenting on the photo, and i'm happy you think it a good photo to discuss with children.

hope you're doing great, and it's always good to hear from you ;-)

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