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Default To Emiel_Skyfreak: Santorini workshop


Thank you for your workshop and for your detailed description of changes you made. I have a lot to learn about post processing photos, since I don't even understand a few of the terms in your description of edits. I just got Photoshop Elements a couple days ago and this is only the second photo I've tried to edit.

I will use your comments and try to recreate your edits on my original photo as a way to learn. I also see that I should look at other TE workshops that aren't for my photos, so I can learn more. Your comments are exactly what TE is about, helping others learn to improve photos! Thank you!

(the blurred thing is the top of a 6-foot wall I had to look over to see this view. Luckily I am tall and could just see over the wall on my tip toes. I still kind of like the blur, but like it better the way you changed it)

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