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Default To Polonaise: Plastic container

I debated cutting out the plastic container, and just keeping the half with the father and son. But the jug is very characteristic of the context they live in, and when I'm taking photos that are meant to exhibit a culture, I usually want the people AND their context. I leave the pure portraits mostly to people who are better at it than I am!

Portraits and "people in their cultural context" are two different (sometimes overlapping) types of photography, and I would never try to say one is preferable to the other. Life is richer when we have both (though we each can have our preference for one over the other!)

There are certain types of photography that I have no taste for, the kind that's all about precise details, like shooting flowers or insects or macro stuff. But I try not to disparage it, I mostly just ignore it.

So keep doing what you do so well, George! Regards, Ken.
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