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Default To leothetiler: Situation of beach in corsica

Hello Leo!

Thank you for your comment.
I will explain exactly where this place is in Corsica.
It is at "Capo Sperone" in the very south a few kilometres east from Bonifacio. This is actually the view you get from the golf course and it is stunning just as many other places in Corsica.
I do not actually play golf but sneaked onto the land from a beach where you can get to by following the signs from Bonifacio to Capo Sperone. The road will lead you to a view of the sea and a small island which you can see in my picture. If you walk west along the beach, then through the bushes onto a small beautiful cove of blue water you will see a track from the cove which will lead you up through more bushes onto the gold course.
I imagine it is prohibited to go onto the golf course without paying to play golf, however it is possible if you go at a time when few people are planning. Plus there are lots of bushes to hide in...or just pretend you're looking for a ball hehe!
The views are fantastic! hope you manage to find it and enjoy!

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