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Default Re: Whistler and Vancouver

Kerrisdale Cameras is probably the biggest and the best shop in Van as I remember. They have a number of stores, but their main is located at 41st and Arbutus I believe. I am living in Taiwan now, but lived in Van for a number of years. There is another good shop on Granville Street downtown, in a bit of a rougher area (but not terrible), I would guess about 4 blocks north of Pacific Avenue, they are also worth checking out. Interpro and Broadway Camera also come to mind. I am sure I am missing others. Between Vancouver and Whistler, I would also suggest you check out Squamish, especially the Chief. Some great shots to be had there as well. Within Vancouver, I would check out Granville Island, Kitsilano, the North Shore and possibly the downtown east side (if you want to take a walk on the wild side, and see one of the more depressing areas in all of Canada). Even if you don't ski, it is worth taking the gondola up Grouse Mountain (North Vancouver). Chinatown is another attraction, I am told it is the world's largest now. Back in North Vancouver, Lynn Canyon park and the suspension bridge is really nice and not too heavily trafficed, or you could go to the Capilano suspension bridge in West Van, which charges and attracts more tourists.

If you like greasy breakfasts, I would suggest Bon's Off Broadway at 41st and Nanaimo. It is my favorite restaurant for some strange reason, the breakfast special is only $2.95 cdn and it attracts an interesting crowd. If you want to eat high end, I would recommend Bishop's on West 4th (I think one block west of Arbutus). Vancouver is really a great city, I miss living there and will return eventually.
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