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Default Re: How to click people ???

Hi - another thought for more candid shots - it is about your legitimacy in a space - if you are pre-prepared - you are set with your camera and pointing at an area - people will come to you and occupy 'your space' - some will be very polite and see the camera and duck underneath it - some will shirk away from it - some will just ignore it - you can play act around this - moving the camera away as if they have spoiled your picture - but you may have already taken it.......a master of finding the right location and waiting is Izzet Keribar - Izzet's legitimacy is his dignity and a sense of friendly gravitas - a sense of professionalism and often working from a tripod - I spent three wonderful days in Istanbul watching him work and learning about his approach but for me I very rarely use a tripod - I started a little after the sessions with him and I know I will again!

There are so many ways of describing 'clicking' people - perhaps Izzet's way could be called 'occupying'.

p.s. thanks for the portrait links - I like some of his work very much - I have tried such post processing and it certainly gives a strong and dramatic result to portraiture!

You are living in a land of such enormous possibilities for you chosen focus - it is less and less easy these days in many countries.

Another sure way of getting results is to go to large public events or civil occasions - somehow in such a collective atmosphere a photographer is more accepted as part of the 'scene'!

bw Kev

Happy clicking!!!
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