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phwall 12-26-2010 01:02 AM

To delpeoples: Christmas Day
Oh, hardy har, har, har. No such luck, I was a very good boy. I even helped with the cooking, I know, that's a first.
However I did have to hit the sheets at 9.30pm, I was tired and emotional.
We had a great day.
I hope you and the Kevmiester survived yet another Italian feast, maybe one who is in the glass house shouldn't be throwing stones.

See you this week?????


Pietro the sober

Thank you for the comment, I remember, at the time, I was pretty pleased with this shot.

delpeoples 12-26-2010 01:11 AM

Nanna Napping
Yeah I thought you'd be nanna-napping after all the "emotion", sorry alcoholic medicines, of Christmas Day.

No stones no glass houses, I was very well behaved this year and for the first tme in Delpeoples History, no Irish Italian fight-fests, love-fests, no police called or family vendettas started.

Yeah next week for sure. Sorry about ducking and weaving last week. We had visitors and was also trying to juggle last minute work emergencies.

Mmm, yeah good shot. Smug b*stard.

Loving your work
Lisa the slightly fragile

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