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emka 06-13-2020 06:06 AM

To tyro: Not tourist area.
Hello dear John, I have written just from the beginning that there were no tourists there. Sometimes it happens that I visit such places :D.
We went by our bus nearby and saw this market, so we stopped there to see what was going on. All the customers were busy with their animals and trade so they didn't pay attention at me. No still picture gives the real impression.Open link in a new tab:
It is bad quality because it has no stabilization but you can see how I moved around between all these guys and sheep and goats.
Have a nice weekend

MAlgo xx

tyro 06-13-2020 08:13 AM

A fabulous video......!
Hello dear Malgo,

Thank you so much for sending that little video - it might be just a little "jumpy" but it certainly gives and excellent overview of that market. And the people don't seem at all worried that you were photographing or filming them - and they certainly didn't seem to be asking for money from you. Wonderful!

Thank you so much!

Kind Regards,

John. xx

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