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emka 06-19-2016 11:18 PM

To ahmet54: Thanks
Hello Ahmet,

Thanks for your kind words and for the translation of what it is written there. I am really astonished. How do you know it:confused: Can you read this script and understand or you just know? Anyway, I am really grateful :D.
I saw on TE that you posted many pictures from Uzbekistan. I would love to go there, now even more when I saw this monuments in Kazakhstan. And if you like Central Asia, go to Kazakhstan. It is safe, interesting, cheap and the people are very friendly.

Kind regards Malgo

ahmet54 06-21-2016 08:35 PM

Hello Malgorzata,
first of all I want to say, that I am no muslim. I am agnostic. When I was much younger than today, about 40 years ago I started travelling to Turkey. I like the people, the country and its famous sights. I started learning turkish, a fascinating language. Later I wanted to understand old Ottoman texts and inscriptions, so I learned to read arabic characters. I made some arabic lessons. I cannot understand arabic. I typed the words on the inscription into Google and Google answered with the text of a quran-online-site; complete with explanation and translation. No sorcery;) When I have got more time -I will retire in 20 months- I will start to visit whole central Asia.
Kind regards,

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