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subhendu_bagchi 02-28-2015 01:36 PM

Something goes wrong.
Something goes wrong here in TrekEarth. I couldn't post any note with my today's post. Then I wrote it in the 'start discussion' column. My image is here for 5-6 hours, where one of my favourite photographer Denis commented to, up to that time, I checked it. Now I found that moderators suddenly deleted it.
You can tell me to post the note in appropriate place after fixing the bug... But you deleted it. In my opinion, it is a WRONG STEP FROM YOU...
Here I attached the note, which I wrote :
Something wrong ..
I can't post note with my photo...
I am trying to write it here.
~ Between Bricks ~
Got this girl in a brick field...
She is helping her parents in their works...
Her dreams are echoed between those bricks, which will remain always her dreams...
Don't Enjoy It...

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