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tyro 11-03-2019 07:59 PM

To macjake: Ford Taunus........!
Hi Craig,

How ya doin'? I hope all is well with you and your family!

Thank you for your kind remarks about this picture - quite an oldie, eh? Actually, I was quite surprised how well my copy of the old slide came out - I didn't use a scanner - I used my macro lens and laid the slide on a little LED light box and it worked pretty well!

About the colours of the walls of the buildings across the square - yes, I did mention that in my note! The walls were painted a dull green/blue way back in 1965 but now they are a bright ochre or yellow - much nicer - and the place looks all cleaned up too - no-one is allowed to park there anymore!

I've done a wee bit of research about that car you mention - I'm pretty sure it's a German Ford Taunus from around 1962 or so. We very occasionally used to see them here in Britain but they were pretty rare. If you look at this picture and compare the bum of that car with the one in my photo, I think they're pretty much the same! See what you think. Oh, and they definitely weren't "executive" cars at all - just fairly basic Ford models.



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