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PaulVDV 01-20-2022 08:23 AM

To holmertz: Real and fake?
Thank you Gert,

I'm afraid I don't understand your first sentence.
I guess you meant that a fake sadhu will give a commission (a reward) to my guide to have brought me there but not a real sadhu ...

Kind regards,

holmertz 01-20-2022 08:44 AM

Hello Paul,
Maybe I should have written 'a so called "real sadhu"' to make it clear that those giving rewards to guides are fakes presented to the visitor as real. Whereas the real sadhus, in case there are any at all in a temple frequented by tourists, don't care about money and refuse to pay the guides and are thus dismissed by guides as fake.
Best regards,

PaulVDV 01-20-2022 10:47 AM

Hi Gert,

I did not see the 'sadhu' give money to my guide.
But of course such a thing would only happen later. They still had enough opportunity not to have to do this while the tourist was still present.

Kind regards,

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