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simonekarl 11-28-2005 02:59 PM

Travel Photography
Here is a summary of a recent article I read about Travel Photography. It comes from a Nikon magazine. It is a little obvious but there are some intresting points.

I just wanted to share this nugget of info with y'all : )

Enthusiast Manuel Librodo Jr. explains...

Manual believes that the true essence of any travel photography is not only to capture the place but also the culture. 'And one of the main essences of an exotic culture is the colours,' he adds.
For any travelogue photography, not only finding the right place but also shooting at the right time of day to get optimum natural lighting conditions, is very important. 'The best time for taking travel photos for me is at the end of the day and early morning,' he reveals. 'I never use flash, so I have to do my pictures when's there's light. 'I don't like harsh light either.'
The ideal travel photograph for me would be a picture with a person in it. The face itself tells a lot of stories so I like to zero in on the eyes as much as possible. It doesn't need to be a very tight portrait, but the eyes must be very clear with a little bit of background and colour: That to me would be a perfect travel photograph.
Manuel usually travels with 3Gb of compact falsh memory, spread across five different cards: Two 1Gb, One 512Mb & Two 256Mb cards. 'The reason for that is I read somewhere that a 2Gb is not advisable because if you loose it you could loose a whole holidays worth of images' he ascertains.
'I'm just a hobbyist and far from a professional photographer,' he says modestly, 'but what I see and hear seem to translate well into my photographs, and people seem to appreciate that, so that's good enough ofr me.'

For more Manuels travel photography, direct your browser at

As far as I know he isn't a TrekEarth member yet...

maciekda 11-28-2005 03:15 PM

Re: Travel Photography
>As far as I know he isn't a TrekEarth member yet...

and here you are luckily wrong Simone ;). Manuel a.k.a Manny is one of the 'oldest' and most known TE members. I am very glad he is getting more and more recognized outside TE and getting published. Congratulations Manny!

simonekarl 11-28-2005 08:05 PM

Re: Travel Photography
Ah Ha Cheers for that Maciej, so he IS a member.
A favorite of 512 of us TE'ers too, well I reckon it's now 520. : )

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