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Japanese Tea Ceremony
Japanese Tea Ceremony (16)
Trip Date:2003-04
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Countries visited:Jap„o
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My dream of going to Japan started the day my travel agent said that Japan Airlines is $300 cheaper than Cathay Pacific for my annual trip back to Vietnam. Since the timing will be perfect for cherry blossoms in Japan, a dream for any photographers, I decided without hesitation that I will stay for a week in Japan on the way back.

For the next few months, I spent scores of time researching different ways to have a unique experience in Japan. I prepared all hotels reservations, flights, what to see, where to eat and even the Shinkansen train schedules as HTML pages on my PDA. I even have a plan B for backup and a plan C to backup plan B. The day of departure, the PDA was not with me, I have forgot my it at home. Keeping it company is the borrowed LonelyPlanet guide and Japansese phrasebook.

So there I am in Japan with only "arigato" as my Japanese language skill. But it is unlikely that the local will be able to decipher my half-vietnamese, half-french and half-english accent anyway. The weather did not cooperate either, it rained for 5 of the 7 days that I was there. The famous floating Tori gates in Mymajima is completely covered in scaffolding for repare, Himeji was under cloudy sky, Nikko temples is closed for renovation and the time in Kyoto was spent under the rain on a rented bicycle. But I LOVED every minute of it.