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Snow on the tundra
Snow on the tundra (16)
Trip Date:2017-05-01 - 2017-07-03
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Countries visited:Finl‚ndia, Noruega, Suťcia
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It was not the first time we went in Scandinavia, we have already been there in Ď99, Ď02, Ď04 and Ď06 but at the time we had to cope with 4 weeks vacations and we couldnít go further more north than Trondheim in Norway or Sundsvall in Sweden. And I can remember the longest way in 2006 was about 6.600 km with car & caravan.

In 2017, we started on May 1st and we were back home on July 3rd. The car meter gave 11.500 km! But what a trip!
Through sloppy and friendly Sweden, a little bit Finish Lapland, Kirkenes almost at Russian border and back through TromsÝ, going south to BodÝ on June 1st. We stayed a couple of days, met lovely internet friends, and crossed over to the most southern Lofoten island, MoskenesŲya. Then travelling all the islands to the north in almost 2 weeks, coming back to Narvik on June 14th. And it cost us another 14 days to go back through Sweden again until the ferry in Goteborg.