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March of the pipers
March of the pipers (8)
Trip Date:2016-06-28 - 2016-07-18
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Countries visited:Estados Unidos
Visto: 1916
Visiting Grandfather Mountain N.C. and celebrating July 4th in the US for the first time ever. This road trip is an adventure.
First stop Chicago, O'Hare. Then north to WI and then west to the twin cities.
After this the trip goes south and east through ID, KY and down to NC before heading west again through TN and some grand advantures there then north to O'Hare to drop of the car and go home, tired exhausted and ultimately a few experiences richer.

In our luggage we bring: Cameras, sparkling personalities and frisbee for disc golf, good music, and a guitar so we can play some nice tunes ourselves when the mood strikes... most likely quite frequently.

On our way to the US we'll stop in Arlanda, Sweden and on our way back to Norway we'll stop at Kastrup, Denmark. Hope to add these places to our little adventure as well.