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This picture has apparently become a controversial issue. Being removed and re-posted again after I complained. Just for this reason I would like to take the opportunity to re-name it and explain to one of our fellow members about my view of TE and photography in general.

Fellow member:

What is photography for you? Is it not a mere moment of time and light captured on a paper? Or for most of us electronic zeros and ones trapped on a hard disk or a server?

Is not photography an art form? I mean I can watch several of your fantastic pictures and the feeling those images transmits to you might be totally different from how I perceive them and that is it…is that called perception that is the essence of art!

Now, we set up rules so we do not end up posting my grandmothers coffee reception. But, can’t my grandmothers coffee reception be a cultural form, unique for that particular country? And on top of that, maybe the picture is an exquisite image composition wise!

So what are the steps to take in the case of my grandmothers coffee reception? I think that out of this question we then need to establish what the spirit of TE is and who sets the standards?

I start to understand that we all do. Maybe this picture had a short and poetic note that our fellow member might not have been able to understand. Does this means that all those thousands of posted pictures without a note should be removed because it does not fit the spirit of TE? What about those notes written in Chinese or Polish…I do not understand let’s remove them as well!

I could give you thousands different description on my pictures. I could even say that a particular picture was shot in a particular place and that might not be truth.

At the end of the day our site, TE, is a site to post pictures…pictures that we shot while traveling the rest is up to us….to be honest.

Now let’s talk about this picture, named “ingrid” initially which now has been re-borne as “ingredient of photography”

Maybe one of these answers is the one you are looking for:

1. Sometimes certain moments captured by a camera speaks for it self, what was on her mind at that particular moment? (ORIGINAL NOTE POSTED)

2. This girl was traveling in the same boat as me. After several sailing hours on the beautiful Red Sea. Dolphins were visible from time to time following the waves generated by the boat, the sun was shining and the humor of passengers and crew was on top. All of a sudden we all saw this ship coming toward us. It looked like a ghost ship from another time. At close sight we understood it was a ship of Somali pirates (I was the one that understood it because one of the pirates was the same Somali fighter I photographed two and a half years ago. You can see this picture as my first posting on TE). These pirates where trying to hijack our boat. Fortunately thanks to the sailing skills of our captain, Mr. Corbina- El- Shark, the pirates were avoided. After this adrenalin kick, the girl on the picture decided apparently to light her Camel light to kill the nerves. I liked the relaxed face on the girls face and I saw straight that this was going to be the picture of the year in TE. I saw it composition wise, a grainy B&W picture, I saw as well my self coming early to the UNICEF office in Asmara (where I work), turning on my computer and receiving 500 green faces (sometimes called smiles) for this incredible shot and the incredible story behind it. I rapidly changed the ISO number of my newly bought Nikon D-80 from 100 to 400, I adjusted the settings to B&W and this is the result…I hope you like it…regards … I told the girl that I was going to post it in this site she agree and I asked her her name…the answer was Ingrid

3. This girl was part of the crew on the Eritrean boat me and some friend took to the island of Disei in the Eritrean Red Sea. She was a Marin Geologist doing her phD Thesis on the University of Sorbonne. She was trying to figure out the spreading path in cm per year of the divergent zone between the continental plates that has formed what today is the Red Sea and the whole African Rift Valley. Her name was Ingrid and I never saw her again…she fell down the boat and was eaten by a shark. Picture taken with 400 ASA in B&W. Hope you like it….regards Woladorsky

4. No note

So fellow member I think that now you must be satisfied with the note. I still prefer my original note…but just for you I have produced three different ones.

My best regards to all of you and I hope you enjoy the pictures



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