To PaulVDV: English

  • Thank you for your warm critique, Paul.
    46 years makes no difference! Your English is superb!

    Some people think my Italian is good!
    I have never ever had a lesson in Italian in my life but I do sometimes use the Google translator!

    Have a lovely Sunday,
  • Hi Beverley,

    I've noticed that you write in Italian.
    It's impossible for me to judge if it's good or not. I never had one lesson Italian.
    To me it seems much more difficult than Spanish ...
    Perhaps because I've had more experiences with Spanish speaking countries than with Italy.

    You must have a minimum knowledge of the language in order to use google translator, I think.
    Sometimes when I'm looking for a word or an expression in google translator in a language that I've studied (as French and English) I get totally wrong translations. It only works well if you search for a specific word and even then you cannot be sure.
    Translating a whole sentence almost always gives a bad translation.

    My compliments that Italians do find your language a success.

    Best wishes,