To delpeoples: good reading

  • hi lisa,
    thank you for your detailed critique.
    i checked nobu's gallery, yes he had some victorian type ladies in there.
    i had shared this photo some couples of years ago, but in b&w and with much more gloomy atmosphere. now i posted it again in larger format and neat, real colors as it was.
    thanks to the gothic horror artists here (don't know why they chose them in re-decorating mozart's house btw), my original idea was something about the beheaded ladies of britain or france during 15th-18th centuries. indeed, this place invoked a feeling as if i were walking in the haunted castles of scotland, and facing queen mary of scots carrying her head on her lap )
    i love creepy things and places and used to make lots of dark photos in the past. i abstain using fill flash in any case to give the real darkness of places. the only case i use flash light is, portraits of my friends which they want to share on facebook