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Great macjake 2012-11-03 7:31

Hi Lisa
hmmm...I'm sitting here right now, just woke up, and I have a strange strange craving for toast! I wonder why that would be? lol
Well, I just ate my bowl of cereal - Froot Loops! lol
yes, I eat Fruit Loops every morning. I know what you're thinking....all he needs now are his man bladers! :)

lets get back to the photo at hand shall we?!

I remember reading the notes you mentioned to Rosemary ( i think it was her ) that you're getting a bit stale and bored with posting photos from your home and native land. You are not alone my friend. Before visiting europe a few months ago, I was certainly in the same boat. Its hard to keep posting photos of Vancouver, when I feel like I've shared most photogenic areas of the city already.

But...if you think long and hard like you did HERE - its a great shot because for us foreigners we have NO idea about this toaster. And for us the viewer, its a great story!! Its cool to know about such eye sores and how it blocks the fantastic view of the OH. And the photo aint that bad either, especially with the water reflections and all.

I find that a so so photo can be made excellent with an informative note. And a great photo can be made boring with a dead note, leaving you with alot of questions and being frustrated.

Your story brings the quality and integrity of the shot way up. Thats what makes TE a bit different from other sites, the ability to write an informative note and keeping us the viewer engaged.

so keep it going! search your city streets, you never know what you may find!!

enjoy your weekend

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Smile To macjake: It's Not What But How

Gidday Craig

Thanks for your critique, I appreciate the time you put into it and the points you make.

Actually, I'm not bored with my city at all. There are always new things to photograph and even the same things change in different light. So it's not the what that I'm bored photographing, but the how. I'm bored with my technique and some of the things I'm trying aren't really appropriate for TE. But I'll sort it out, don't worry

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Default subjects

Hey Lisa
oh ok, i guess i got it wrong!

but i still stand by my comments about Vancouver. I really am running out of subjects, or at least i think i am! For example, I know some people have been on TE full time basically everyday for 6+ years, and I think to myself....what the hell am i going to be posting from Vancouver for the next 6 years!! yikes!! I have NO freaking idea!!!!

lets see what happens.

and i get the thing about being more creative or how you shoot the city.
Perhaps getting a super wide angle like an 8-16mm like the one i have will change your angles and such...its helped me tremendously!

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Old 11-04-2012, 02:23 AM
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Talking Manbladers and Fruitloops

Hehehehe, well that's what happens when you eat Fruitloops Funny, I've never been a fan of them, although will always be persuaded by a nice bowl of Cocopops

It's funny, but I'm finding new and unusual places to photograph in Sydney all the time. I think I was telling you about the locomotive park I found a while ago that seems to have been created with you in mind.

Yeah I thought about a super-wide angle lens. Also thought about a Lensbaby, the type which Simplyoga often uses. But I'm so cheap I found a way to replicate it in Photoshop. But yeah, maybe Santa can fork out for an 8-16mm instead.

I'm not really sure how big Vancouver is, but find it difficult to imagine that there isn't something new or unknown to photograph. I remember an old historica building you shot a while ago and I begged you to do the interior...maybe it was your library? You never did that one!

Actually, I might email you a couple of photos as I'd be interested in what you think, whether they're more Trek Lens than TE.

Thanks again, have a good one
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