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Great InasiaJones 2008-06-25 9:53

Hi Ryan,

Here I am, scrutinizing your gallery, photos after photos, asking myself how come I didn't make a comment on each and every one of them. I also noticed that most of the ones I already critique were the ones about people!... You, one of the best landscapers on TE, and I was attracted to your people shots...

Well, that's says a lot my friend, that means you are as good on both counts. And while Utah is in your garden and you have access to the most beautiful landscapes on Earth, your people shots prove that wherever you are, you know how to get something out of it.

You've done some remarkable work that I will always remember, like "Citizen Cane". This is really a demonstration of what the expression "decisive moment" means... 2 seconds... 2 seconds, the man lift his arm and bend it back, but between these 2 seconds, you just click once or twice, brief and instant reaction, and you end up with a story and a metaphoric image. Who needs canyons when you're that good...

This photo is another one that I really like. Maybe for the colours, like a big Coca Cola can, or it might be these rivets... I love rivets; the ones on bridges, the ones on boats, the ones on old industrial machines, the ones on trains. Their rugged textures, the rust they provoke, I think it's something very photogenic.

This shot really rocks. I like to see pure black background in the train, where only the leather seat, the girl and her Coke get in your face. And then this metal work. For me, this is the foreground, this is the frame dedicated to the little girl.

It's also a visual duel between fragility and strength. Your note is hilarious.



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Default To InasiaJones: raising the dead

Your critiques are truly among the best on TE. You scrutinize, digest, and make connections with every photo you critique. I truly appreciate the time you spent in critiquing some of my older photos. This is one of the first ďpeopleĒ shots I ever attempted to capture. I was still trying to figure out my own style. Your people photos are amazing. I'll never be a true portrait artist like you but I'm ok with that. I like people to be small in the frame but play a large role in the photo, much like the citizen cane photo that you mentioned. I guess thatís the style I've always had, even before I realized it.
Thanks for bringing me back from the dead,
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Default Re: To InasiaJones: raising the dead

Hi Ryan,

I don't know since how long you play with a camera, but for my part, it hasn't been very long. Just like you, I've tried to define a style, find new ways to create a personal approach and develop a "photographic personality". But I think all this quest isn't outside from you, it's not something you'll find by accident or by intensive brainstorm. I think it's already in you.

The way you are as a person is directly linked to the way you will interact with your environment and people. This is where your style will emerged, nothing more to look for. It's already there. The vision in your head is what you will recreate in your viewfinder.

So because you have a clear mind, it is instinctive for you to transpose your perception of the world around in a very definite image. You depict in pixels what is already in your brain and your heart. You've said it yourself: "I like people to be small in the frame but play a large role in the photo". It's all in there, don't need to look around anymore.

I don't know if you were among the dead, but you look pretty alive when I saw your last post. If your among the dead, than I'm already in hell.

Thanks for your nice comment.

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