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Great dragonslayero 2006-10-10 17:09

Hello Yuen

Hmmmm not me, but I'm pretty sure its someone I served my duty together with, just need to find my big company photograph.......... yup I know this guy!
Guardsman Eikefet at your service!
Second platoon, company 4.
Actually I believe I was on duty this day as well, if you think back you might remember that there was another guard post further to the left from this guy, at the end of the building. I believe I had that spot, that day, even the same shift as this guy!

I must admit you have got a great angle for this shot, most people tend to get the photo ffrom straight in front and that usually never turns out good.
I shall give you a lot of credit for one thing, it is an old fact that the jacket of the uniform is a very dark blue colour. But in most cases when people photograph people wearing them they turn out black...well not you!

Odd Jarle (Ex-Guardsman)

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Default To dragonslayero: Which one is you?

Thank you for your message.
It is wonderful that wewere close to each other and connect a years later.
Your comments to my photo are very useful and objective.
I usually do not aware what is inside the photo except the main object.
Thank you for people here telling me a lot more than I know about my pictures.
The uniform colour was dark blue but I assume people can present the colour in their photo until you told me most people can only make it black. It is true that you may not express the true colour in pictures.

Thank you.
And wish I can find you in another photo of my posting today.
It is interesting.

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