To RandomCameraGuy: happy new one 2 u 2

  • good to hear from u alex! thx, i'm doing well,pretty much settled in taiwan, into my 4th year now, very comfortable here. just some local travel and i try to get away from the island twice a year. just one month at a time no long trips. maybe to china in the summer. hope you're ok, coping well with winter. what are u up to in t.o.?
  • Re: To RandomCameraGuy: happy new one 2 u 2
    Doing alright. I'm planning to return to the Phils in March with an arts collective to work on a project, but i want to go back later in the year--maybe try to finally make it to Cambodia...

    I've started posting on Holik again. Come join us there! Do you still post there?