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Great happypoppeye 2007-07-21 7:09

Great photo Animesh. The colors and composition are excellent. Sharp and detailed also. The "ghost" image of the person behind the glass really looks great and makes one think. The alcohol bottles along the window sill opposite the figure creates some interest also.

I don't like the note though. There are no "mis-truths" or anything like that in the note and you are, by all means, entitled to your opinion. I just think the note makes it sound like the US is doing something bad in deporting them. They are illegal people in US, the US can't take care of everyone. Now, you don't say this in your note but this is what I get from it. You don't say how US citizens are losing government benefits because of the cost of taking care of non tax paying people. They walk to work because they have to. Even if they had the money they couldn't get a license to drive. They pick our tomatoes and vegetables because farming jobs are one of the only jobs that will hire illegal aliens. Yes, America has alot more money than Mexico, but there has to be another answer. As long as people try to get in the country illegally, than these are the jobs they are going to get. And I know the US is probably the richest country in the world but that doesn't mean that millions of people can just come in and start doing whatever they want. That would probably lead to 311,000,000 people having problems. It's just my opinion.

On that note, I do also believe that the US should be doing something to help these people and I believe they are. The question is if it is enough. I would say no but I really can't say. I am 3000 miles away on the east coast and the only thing I see is on I don't know. I have never been to Mexico either, and although you don't say you are talking about Mexico, you have taken the photo in Inverness, California and with the statistics and things going on with along the border of Mexico I am going to guess and take from the statistics that Mexico and "Mexicans" (for lack of the proper term) are the majority of the 11 million.

Now, I respect your opinion and hate when people turn photos on the site into a political thing. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and this is yours. I don't like the note so oh well, it's still a great photo.

Nice work. It's only great photos that create reactions and although I may sound like I'm all pissed off by my critique, I'm really not. That's what makes, or actually one thing that makes, America so great - everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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Default Re: To happypoppeye: Thanks!

I just have to say that this is one of the more thoughtful threads I've read in a long time. Thank you both (actually all three) for your opinions. More impressive even was the general sense of tact and politeness of tone.

I agree with you fully (Animesh) about this issue and it is a sad one that is close to my heart.

The one thing that always strikes my gut about American terminology, however, is the use of the word "alien" to refer to people. It something I can never get used to...
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