Volcano eruption

  • Hi to all!

    Can anybody give me advice how to make pictures of erupted volcano at night from the boat? All my attempts to do it on Stromboli were unsuccessful.

    Thank you.

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    A boat makes things tricky. If you're trying to get that fountain effect, you'll need a shutter speed of somewhere around a 1/4s. Unfortunately the boat's moving, so you can't use a tripod. The solution is to handhold a system with image stabilization and try and keep it trained on the eruption. Use the fastest shutter speed you can get away with to give you the effect you're after. If you're willing to spend money, you could also get a gyrostabilizer for the camera.

    If you don't need a slow shutter speed to blur it, try cranking up the ISO until you get a sharp shot. Shooting bursts may help, you're more likely to get a sharp shot if you aren't actively mashing the shutter button during a longish exposure.
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    Yes, not an easy thing to do. I took lots there, and most were pretty unsuccessful. I just posted the best I got here.

    So I had 1/25s at f/2, 35mm equiv., ISO 200. The boat (quite a small sailing boat) was certainly rocking, but human legs are not bad compensating for that - and for sure cheaper than Adrian's gyro-stabiliser! I reckon with a decent SLR, perhaps that 85mm f/1.8 lens and maybe 1600 ISO you might do a lot better than me.

    Alternatively, climb the mountain!

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    <i>&gt; for sure cheaper than Adrian's gyro-stabiliser</i>

    Unless you're the six million dollar man ;)

    To be honest building a homemade gyro isn't too tricky or expensive; but it will be heavy. I'd imagine damping the vibrations is the hardest part.

    I really should get out to Stromboli at some point...
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    Oh yes, I'd love to see a home-made gyro (3-axis, of course) - I'm imagining a few old vacuum cleaners, a car battery, and one and a half bicycles... would be worth a few photos in itself!

    Stromboli is well worth visiting - for the sound as much as the view - it's highly impressive. But avoid midsummer - it's gets too hot for climbing - hence the sea-view!
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    I suspect you'd be better off with a handheld cordless power tool motor; they're designed to run at high speed from 12V/DC and should have a bit of torque :)

    Stromboli's definitely on my list; mind you it's hard to find places that aren't!
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    I was near the Stromboli 5 years ago, on a boat. I have tried more than 20 pictures without success. So I decided to go again, but on the island this time.
    I was at Stromboli last week. And without walking a lot, just going tot he old observatory you will see the lava fountain. See my picture.
    I think it is easiest to go on the island, than to built some gyro tools to stabilise the camera.
    Just my opinion.