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  • Problem Copying Photo
    Dear Moderators,

    I am a new user and a common problem we are facing is uploading the picture. After filling up all the required data & pressing the update button the message appears as "Problem Copying Photo". I have read the photo guidelines & followed accordingly. It seems not only me but most of the new users are having this problem as I viewed some of the posts in the forum and no one had any answers to it. Could you please help us out with this issue?

    Thanks & Regards,
  • Geotagging
    Hi I have many geotagged photos. They all have GPS position in Exif. When your website will use this information for locating photos ?
  • Quote: Uploading a new profile picture is broken- you can delete the picture upload a new one- and the system is just switching it back to your old one.
    It was stated in October 2010 that the profile picture issue was fixed, but for me, I am still having the issue. I haven't used my profile for a few years but getting back into the site. I tried to update my profile photo only it reverts back to the older photo. Any way I can fix this?