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  • Milos
    Hi Viviane.

    I found another.Earth >> Europe >> Greece >> South Aegean >> Kyklades >> Milos

    At the moment there is this, with many just having 1 or 2 photos.All of the above could be added to Kyklades - Milos - Adamas (Anglicised 'Adamantas' formally, although 'Adamas' is more commonly used) Greeks use 'Adamas'. I guess the formal name for San Francisco is Saint Francis, but nobody uses that name. Adamas is the main town and port on Milos. It's a small island so it's not necessary to list every tiny village or bay on the island imho. Please include all my photos too which are just under Kyklades, Adamas.


  • It had been done Chris. Thank you for pointing this out...

  • Wrong location PETRA
    Bonjour Viviane!

    I found another wrong location. Petra in Jordan:

    All Petra photos under Aqaba should be moved to Maan province. Petra is just 2 miles east of the Aqaba border but still in Maan. Thanks.
  • Bonjour Chris
    It has been done.
    Thank you for pointing this out...

    Bien amicalement,
  • Kythira
    Hi Viviane

    I found another. The island of Kythira / Kithira. Off the south coast of Peloponnese but a NOT part of that admin region (Laconia)

    It's incorrectly catalogued as Laconia Province and even Zakynthos (1). The correct province is Attica. Here is what photos from Kythira are currently filed under:-Kythira Attiki Attica Greece Europe-Kythira Lakonia Peloponnesus Greece Europe-Kythira Zakynthos Ionian Islands Greece Europe

    "Attiki" is a neighborhood of Athens. No need to include that unless the photo is in Athens. The region is Attica, so would it be possible to amalgamate all of the above into:

    Kythira - Attica - Greece - Europe.


  • Bonjour Chris,
    I could move the ones from Lakonia but I can’t change “Attiki” because it has been added in the location program, sorry...

  • Hassankeyf
    Hi Viviane

    Thanks for repairing Kithira. Could you also move this photo from Antalya to Batman province?

  • Done, Chris, I also added the name of the city, “Hasankeyf”

  • Ayazini
    Merci Viviane! Could you also amend the name of the city from Ayazin to Ayazini in this image.

  • Done!



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