To mkamionka: cell phone

  • mariusz

    in fact I was disappointed with this post because sharpness is poor, in my computer it looks better. anyway, when we see the image in the cellphone it looks more beautiful.

    take care

  • Ha ha
    Yes, we have sometimes discussions with my wife. She has a new phone and I have a very old already camera...
    On her phone display the photos look often better than on my camera's display but when we download them to the computer still the camera wins

    I think this is also a problem for TrekEarth.
    I use at home a good laptop. Everything looks so pretty, all the photos... When I look at the same photos on the computer at work they are so different (worse)! Difference in the web browser has an impact too, and of course beta-TrekEarth versus the main TrekEarth...

    Kind regards,