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Great emka 2013-07-16 0:12

Hi John, I always admire the tuba players. It must be very hard work to go with it and play. Nice photo so full of people, the players and visitors. I copied the photo, turned left, made bigger and... I saw there a guy in blue
shirt with quite a belly :)).
Fine colours. Nice potrait of the player.

warm regards


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Default To willperrett: Scanning..........

Hello Will,

Thank you for your kind remarks about this one!

As you say, I think the quite severe limitations (until very recently) on pixel dimensions and file sizes on TE has probably been quite kind to people who scan old shots - as you say, it is difficult to examine a scanned picture in great detail here when you're looking at a tiny JPEG image.

This one was scanned using a film scanner which Yvonne bought for me over ten years ago. It's a "Jessop's own" scanner called a "Film Scan 35". I've never seen another one. When I got it, it ran on Windows 98 perfectly but, when I progressed later to Windows XP and later to Windows Vista, it wouldn't work so I trawled the internet and managed on each occasion to download new drivers for it, so it still works despite its advanced years! Its maximum scan resolution is 1800 pixels/inch so if you think of a 35mm slide of 36 x 24 mm (or about one by one-and-a-half inches), that will give a maximum size of 2700 x 1800 pixels or 4,860,000 pixels - i.e. 4.86 megapixels - not bad. And it will also save your scan as either a JPEG or a TIFF so I tend to use the latter as it gives more scope for editing as it's not compressed.

In fact, I'm just thinking - if it scans a 24mm dimension of a 35mm slide to 1800 pixels (or thereabouts), that's 1800/24 = 75 pixels/mm. I rather suspect that the resolution of the lens in my old Edixa Prismat (which I still have and which still works!) was probably a good deal less than 75 lines/mm, so not too bad, really.

But, above all, it really is a tribute to just how very good Kodachrome was. Funny, this was Kodachrome 64 which was just a little "warm" and some believed it had a slightly pinkish cast. And many still clung onto the old Kodachrome 25 which, of course, was over a stop slower at 25 ASA (ISO 25). I don't know if you can remember it or not, but before I got my first "real" camera - this little one which I also still have - my Dad used Kodachrome which was rated at 10 ASA (ISO 10) - can you believe it? How would people nowadays ever cope with a camera whose only ISO setting was a measly 10? Unbelievable. But then who nowadays could cope with fetching water, carrying coal and foraging for food each day to keep themselves alive?

Take Care,

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