To Ebbe: Capital of Dalsland

  • Hi Ebbe
    Thanks for the info - now corrected to Dalsland.

    BTW: What is "Gutterfinderthinhs"?

  • Re: To Ebbe: Capital of Dalsland
    The "gutterfinders", hmmm. I have no word for them, not even in Swedish. Some years ago I saw them on some American cars of this size and age at a car meeting and just had to ask the stupid question. It is the little set of metal bars sticking out in front of the right front wheel. The idea is that you will hear when you are close enough to the curb when parking as these bars will scratch the side of the curb and send an awful vibration through the car body. In todays perspective it just seems like these cars were to big and clumsy to handle well if you needed that kind of "technology" to park!

    Good to hear from you!