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  ngythanh 2006-02-17 12:38

All of the photos of Lhasa I had chances to see before were taken upward.
Your photo is the first one to set me into a point of view looking down. Recalling my failure to climp the Great Wall in 2004, I appreciate this sharing: you save me another failure if I ever dream of a climp higher than the monastery complex.
I've had the idea of paying a visit to Lhasa. Could you advise me between 2 options ó New Delhi > Kathmandu > Lhasa and Hong Kong > Chengdu > Lhasa ó which one is easier to trek, based on time and immigration document factor?


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Default To ngythanh: Travel to Lhasa

Hi Thanh, thanks for passing by! Well, we flew to Lhasa from Bejing, with a short stop in Chengdu. That was certainly very comfortable, but not the most adventurous. We left Tibet by road in the direction of Kathmandu. So we did actually both options that you are giving. That's something that you could do as well: enter Tibet by air and leave by road (or the other way around, of course). If you have to enter and leave Tibet using one kind of transportation, then I would surely recommend going by road from Kathmandu. The climb from Nepal to the high Tibetan plateau is stunning and one of the quickest changes in environment (people, temperature, humidity, vegetation etc. etc.) that I have ever experienced.

We were travelling in a group and the immigration documents were already arranged for us by the travel organisation. But some time ago a friend of mine was staying in Kathmandu and arranged her visit to Lhasa/Tibet in that city without any problems. I believe that it is also possible to arrange visits to Lhasa from Chengdu, but I would guess that travel offices in Kathmandu are better equipped to serve foreign travellers than the Chinese offices in Chengdu. But that's just a (educated) guess, because I don't have any experience with this myself.
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Default Re: To ngythanh: Travel to Lhasa

Thank you for your detailed note, Mike.
Although you stated that you "don't have any experience", the fact that you have been there both ways in and out becomes a solid background to what you could share.
From your picture, I got the confirmation that I must go.
From your kind words, I received the confidence.
I hope health and age wouldn't betray me.


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