TE Book 2005 - Sponsors and money issues

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  • Friends:

    Thanks alot for your participation, it's been great to see not only your support but most of all your doubts, questions, ideas and contributions... it's great to see that this is indeed a true community project.

    It's time to start thinking about money related issues, until now all project is based in the pré-orders inside TE and TE members.

    - 21usd (printing cost) for minumum 300 copies (average of 2 copies per member)
    - Please contact Isabelle (Isable Abreu) to request your copies.

    But we may find extra money sources to help us here... donations, sponsors... what-so-ever.

    with this we can:
    - Drop the price even more, allowing more sales.
    - Keep the prices but host more members. (more than 300 pages)
    - Keep the prices and donate some part to charity.

    It's really up to us, but we can contact some companies and others to explore this.

    With this threat i expect once more your active participation, not only throwing your ideas but also using your knowledge to get some help.

  • Re: TE Book 2005 - Sponsors and money issues
    Hello Mario! Good to see a lot of activity around the TE-book. It must be a lot of work to bring this to a success and I appreciate the time and effort that you and the rest of the team are putting into the realisation of this great plan!

    Unfortunately I don't have any friends that own bookstores, but for sponsorships I was thinking about parties that are directly or indirectly involved in the TE-website.

    I would say that travel agencies might be a good target. But as TE is such a global community, local/national agencies are probably not very much interested (worth a try though). Perhaps it's better to focus on international travel publications (Rough Guide, Lonely Planet etc.) and equipment suppliers (Nikon, Canon, etc.). And don't forget Lowepro as they are supplying equipment bags and photo-backpacks! And perhaps also the internet provider that hosts the TE-site?

    Well, this is just a start. If I can think of other sponsors I'll let you know!

    Cheers, Michael.
  • What do we have to offer ?
    Best case, we find anonymous donations. What are we willing to give back to sponsors ? I've done some things like that in a previous life and we need to build packages we can present to those Canon, Nikon, Airlines and alliances, Kodak, batteries, Memory card, Lowerpro, scanners, etc. companies. So, what are we willing to give ? Backcover ? Interior cover ? Logo on front page ? Insertion ?
    Let's list what we have to offer and we can start approching those big names and negociating.

    To reach 500 photographiers, they won't throw millions but we can expect to raise a few thousands.
  • Re: TE Book 2005 - Sponsors and money issues
    Ola Mario,
    I think sponsoring might prove to be viable way. As Elise points out we should indeed think about what we will offer to the sponsor. No free lunches here I'm afraid. Advertisement space in the book is the most direct offer that can be made. As I said earlier the major camera manufacturers as Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Konnica Minolta are prospects here. We can start contacting a few major distributors (like Canon Europe or Canon America) and go from there. Another way to get into contact with the distributors can be using the advertisement contacts Adam has for this site.
    Best regards, Bert
  • Re: TE Book 2005 - Sponsors and money issues
    Hello Mario!

    Are you sure we need sponsors at all? It isn't a good idea to make this book like a glossy magazine with 2/3 of the advertising. I prefer to pay $10 more but to get a book "advertising free".

    May be some manufacturers of the cameras... Every author will right a model of his/her camera "Your photographic equipment (cameras, accessories):..." and it will be advertising for them. We can also put their logo on the backcover if they will be a sponsors.

    Best regards,
  • Re: TE Book 2005 - Sponsors and money issues
    Hi Nicolay, forget the glossy magazine full of publicity... we sure don't want that.

    But we can have some clever publicity, along with the member info we can say the gear that the member use.... camera and lenses... it's subtle marketing :)

    Name: Kolyamour
    Country: Russia
    Gear: Olympus Camedia E-10 / Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom

    (and we can even add a little paragraph about the gear)

    "Olympus proved to be a great camera, i recently upgraded to C-8080 wide zoom... bla bla bla"

    We should really try to find some ways to drop the price a little, don't forget that 10$ can be afordable for most europeans/USA/asia members but can be really expensive for african and south american ones.
  • Re: TE Book 2005 - Sponsors and money issues
    I would like to keep the prices, but host more members. (more than 300 pages).

  • Re: TE Book 2005 - Sponsors and money issues
    I have a suggestion. Why don't we try emailing some of the leading U.S. and European bookstores? A very good letter of introduction is needed and a good description of what we are doing and what the content of the our book is going to be. How much the retail cost will be and what will be the cost to bookstore. I wish I could help on this one but English is my second language, and promotion is not my line of work. Is there any marketing person who is a member of TE? Please come forward. Most leading bookstores in U.S. are Amazon Bookstore, Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Borders Bookstore and others are all on the internet. Some of these bookstores' respond may be of help to us. They may have questions that we may not have though of before.

  • Re: TE Book 2005 - PREORDER FORM
    <i>Please contact Isabelle (Isable Abreu) to request your copies</i>

    You may as well go direct to the <A href="http://www.johanson.info/te">project page</A>(link in the top of the page) to place your preorder.

  • Re: TE Book 2005 - PREORDER FORM
    Hi Jack I did not find the link into the project page.